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Funding is an essential necessity of starting any business or organization. It is the allocation of monies, goods, or services to a worthwhile cause, business or organization, and is the lifeblood of any such entity. Companies need money to exist, become viable, and continue to prosper.

Clearly we view Hyperfex as much more than a business. It is a cause in that it functions to raise awareness about issues vitally important to our way of life. In large part, funding allows us to move our cause forward; a cause that emphasizes transparency and equality in the processes of humanity.

We accept funding in the form of monetary donations, sponsorships, investment opportunities, and contributions in goods and services; all of which will be discussed in detail in this section.

Cause Funding

We accept what is called "Cause" funding. Cause funding is sponsoring, funding, donating or contributing in some way to a platform or issue regarded in the Hyperfex Network that a person, organization or entity feels deserves attention, investigation, emphasis.

For example, a contributor finds unease in our voting processes and believes the issue deserves some exposure. The contributor looks at the various projects in our library and finds that we cover voting irregularities on our network. Funding provided in the form of monies or services for this forum will be used to produce an entertainment piece committed to shinning a light on voting irregularities and moving it into the mainstream.

We accept various forms of contributions, which include monetary donations, goods, services, equipment, as well as sponsorships, advertising, production funds, and consultation.


Donations are voluntary, and are applied to the following:

  • Creative implementation of our entertainment
  • Operations within the organization
  • Moving our message-based platform into the mainstream
  • Our Website

Donations by individuals, organizations, and other entities may be made public or kept private. A donor list will be compiled and maintained, and all donations will be presented within our website unless otherwise specified or requested by the donor(s). Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


Sponsorships may be arranged to exchange advertising space for funding responsibilities of our entertainment. Sponsors will be able to earn greater notoriety while helping Hyperfex sustain it's message, broaden it's reach, and increase capital.

Many companies want their logo on the merchandise of the product they intend to sponsor. Hyperfex is honored to have the support of organizations, and is committed to bolstering the visibility of the sponsor's brand by clearly putting their logo on the product.

Other types of sponsorships entail companies financing parts or blocks of time of the production. If an organization wants to finance our entertainment, in part or in whole, it may do so.

Some of our entertainment may have more than one sponsor. As long as Hyperfex retains the right to the final determination of the creative process, all persons, organizations, and entities will have a stake in the delivery of the entertainment piece with their brand name on the product.

If you wish to make a monetary donation, would like to offer services or equipment, or are interested in one of our sponsorships, product placement prospects, or other investment opportunities, please click the "Donate" button above.
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Funding Partners

A "Funding Partner" is a person or group with the ability to fund an entire project. They are regarded as a producer or producing team, and will act as the sponsor of the complete entertainment piece within the Hyperfex network.

The producer or producing team's moniker will be placed on the product as the contributing force behind the existence of the specified project.

Product Placement

Product Placement in our entertainment is welcomed as another way to apply brand recognition in exchange for financial or service support.

How the sponsor's logo is applied to the entertainment product is a mutually agreed upon arrangement between Hyperfex and the sponsor.

Funding Policy

It is Hyperfex's presumption that when entering into agreements with contributors, those entities act in the spirit and the conduct of good will intended by the formation of Hyperfex, Hyperfex.com, Hyperfex Production Industries, and Hyperfex Independent Films.

We view a company's motives in this endeavor to be an altruistic way to increase said company's positive reputation and image as a result of sponsoring our product; we have no interest in reaching agreements with individuals or organizations that have nefarious motives for funding our entertainment. We hope as sponsors you enjoy the relationship as much as we will.

Thank You

Thank you for your consideration. At this point we are depending on the generous to cover our operational budget and to keep our message online, in the public square. There is no minimum (or maximum) donation. We view any contribution as an altruistic helping hand to bring voice to the millions of people who have a story to tell.

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